GoActive: Sports connects people!

The GoActive-Plattform offers a variety of different sportevents. GoActive is a platform for athletes and event-organizers, that makes everything belonging to the sports and the event easy visible and accessible.  Create your account today and be ready for the upcoming events.

GoActive: Sports connects people!
Human Sports Management
Ideation, evaluation, Platform development & growth

GoActive offers you a variety of sport events in different areas. It is a platform for athletes and event organizers that combines everything in one. GoActive offers event organizers the platform to display their events and in the same moment each participant can not just apply for one event, but for a whole list of oncoming races or challenges. And on top of the registration the GoActive platform keeps track of each athlete's individual results and achievements. For GoActive, the focus is always on the individual - to whom they want to offer an unforgettable experience - before, during and after the event.

Running towards the same goal: an easy to apply sports events platform.

What was the challenge?

It all startet with a call from our mutual partner “campbell & jones”. They were looking  for a digital consultancy for the company Human Sports Management. Human Sports Management wanted to optimize their digital processes in order to have a more efficient way to handle their user-data. As well as they were looking for a possibility to offer their own, independent registration platform for event-organizers as well as the athletes.

How could we help?

In this case we had the very comfortable situation of already having a big amount of users, that would have to go over a registration to use our platform. All we needed, was the platform itself. So we came up with the idea of building the platform called GoActive. The idea behind it, was to use a simple UX for the customers, the athletes to register for their events. The second step was to give the marketing-team a simpel tool for their mailings. So that's where we integrated the already developed automated messaging platform called customer.io.

Technically both, the integration of customer.io as well as the development of the register-platform for events and athletes was no big challenge. But still we quite quickly found out, that it would be cleverer to split the whole project into a few small steps. Also regarding the financial risk, as this all happened to be developed during the insecure pandemic-months.

"From a business point of view there were some doubts given, if the athletes would really be willing to register themselves, once again, to a new platform", says the COO from Human Sports Management Sandro Steimer. "With the events we ran over the new Platform GoActive up to now, it turned out , that was no problem. Because the athletes were well informed in advance. Anyway if someone trains for a marathon he will not be kept back by a simple registration".

What we achieved over the finish-line:

  • With the sports-events-platform we were able to develop an easy-to-use registration for all athletes participating at one of the Human Sports Management-Events. Furthermore we created a scalable platform open for all kinds of other sports events organizers.
  • We still are working on some questions, but are looking forward to soon be able to go online with our, so far, biggest customer and event the Zurich Marathon 2023.
  • In a further step we will also want to use the platform for individual offers and information to individual athletes for partners or marketing purposes.

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Trail running races, adventure runs and bicycle challenges - GoActive has all the events for each athlete.

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