RIBE: The motorcycle platform for individuals and companies

An easy and secure way to hire a motorcycle online or offering your bike for rent.

RIBE: The motorcycle platform for individuals and companies
RIBE Moto GmbH
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An easy way to your next adventure

What started off with the two of the co-founders having an excellent idea and passion for riding a motorbike came into a whole start-up-process at Pixel Plus. Pixel Plus supported the RIBE-Team from the beginning on, going through brainstorming, evaluating the business-ideas up to programming the platform. Pixel Plus still is assisting RIBE in certain business questions as well as ,we still are continuously working on and updating the digital platform.

  1. Convert a brilliant idea into a possible business.
  2. Evaluating the market.
  3. Developing a digital platform making the hiring- and renting-process very easy.
  4. Supporting the business growth.

You own a motorcycle but have way to little time to take it out for a decent ride? Or would you like to earn some some money to cover your costs? Why not offering your bike online by using the RIBE-platform? Easy to handle and secure.

"Our Passion for motorbikes lead us to our new Businessidea"

From the idea to the first landing-page:
Kris Fiocchi, Co-Founder of Ribe remembers how it all started. "Tsering, Kevin and myself just used to be passionate motorbike-riders having a chat about our idea of building up a motorbike-sharing-platform". That was sometime around 2019 when we decided to go for it. We quickly realized that the planned website, would be to complicated for us to build with no or just little know-how. So we got in touch with the Pixel Plus guys.

Stefan Steuble, Pixel Plus Co-founder not only helped Ribe to get their idea into a working business-case but also showed how to go step-by-step during the insecure pandemic and financial difficult beginning of a start-up. That's the reason why our first step was just a landingpage with our first offer. From there on we quickly realized, that our idea of selling motorbike-subscriptions turned out to be a little bit more complicated due to a lack of bikes on the market. But we also found out, that our second idea turned out to be the better: the sharing-platform.

Aibnb for Motorbikes and much more

"We are very happy with what we've got so far", says Kris Fiocchi, Co-Founder Ribe, "but we still have some steps to take".

So far Ribe is set-upt as a renting and hiring platform. But their aim is to become the nummber one place for all kinds of motorbike-realted questions. Not only involving a large bike-communitiy but also beeing able to offer a marketplace, an eventcalender and open tours as well as opportunities for race-trainings, race-track-days or even lessons for beginners.

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Are you the Airbnb-Holiday-Type?Why not giving RIBE a chance?

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