Skills for Switzerland: a chance for Swiss employees to check their abilities and get ready for the next job-step.

Skills for Switzerland is your direct path to digital know-how. Find out how you can reskill and upskill to help future-proof your career – no matter if you are a professional or a beginner.

Skills for Switzerland: a chance for Swiss employees to check their abilities and get ready for the next job-step.
Skills for Switzerland
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Up-skilling is key and king

We can’t hear it enough these days, up-skilling is one of the most urgent challenges the workforce faces. Everyone joining or already in the workforce needs to think about how’s, when’s and where’s of up-skilling and re-skilling themselves on a regular basis.
Why is that?
The digital skills gap is widening, and fast. Rapid advances in AI, robotics and other technologies are happening in even shorter cycles, propelling us into a new era of automation. This is changing the nature of jobs – and the skills needed to do them – faster than ever before. The last two years of pandemic and its far-reaching effects on digitization and innovation have accelerated this trend. New skills are needed, new jobs are going to be created.

For the Swiss market, Campbell & Jones, supported by Microsoft Switzerland and the Adecco Group Switzerland, launched “Skills for Switzerland” in 2021. Building on digital technology and data, this initiative aims at helping grow a more digital-savvy and inclusive skills-based economy. With this program the initiates wanted to help the Swiss workforce and next generations to prepare for the skills and jobs of the future – in short, to up-skill.

The Challenge for Pixel Plus

The challenge for Pixel Plus was to combine all the different components in to one. The candidate's answers had to match with the vide number of online-assessment-offers as well as the personalized possibilities of education, courses, events and even job opportunities.  «All that was feasible. The technical challenge about this job was that all the information had to run in the microsoft-environment. Meaning that Microsoft-Users should be able to login over their single-sign-on and get to their skills-profil without having to enter an other password, » says Muse Lazri, Pixel Plus Co-Founder and responsible for the project.

The result: A digital platform with information about trainings, events and jobs

The outcome of this collaboration with Pixel Plus is a platform, which provides a wide range of information on the how’s, when’s and where’s of upskilling, specific training courses and certificates, potential learning paths for you and me, events and community activities to attend to exchange ideas and get inspired. In addition to the extensive range of courses, certificates and events, the integrated job portal of the Adecco Group Switzerland directly shows matching job opportunities.

Never give up learning

The job is not done yet. Now that the platform is up and working, there is still some work to be done. Being tracking user-activities and analyzing their behaviour in order to offer even better tailor-made trainings, courses, events and jobs to each one of our interested skills-optimiziers. And last but not least, Skills for Switzerland wants to create a community of the “up-skilling interested”: professionals young and lesser young, students, job seekers, job changers as well as career coaches and learning and skilling professionals at companies large and small. "We want to learn from each other, be inspired by each other’s career paths, and gather ideas for action."


Backend: Laravel • Laravel Nova

Frontend: Segment • Google Tag Manager • Google Analytics • Amplitude • Hotjar

Integrations: Segment Google Tag Manager • Google Analytics • Google Maps 

DevOps: Azure • Docker • Github Action

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