Platform Development

Most businesses require a platform at their core that allows for secure storage of data, interaction with 3rd party systems, as well as consumer-friendly access to information via APIs while being secure, fast, reliable, scalable, and traceable. Our longtime experience in building scalable and maintainable solutions back-to-front has shown us how to approach a variety of challenges in an efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective way.

Coming from big corporations we also know how to deal with existing solutions, legacy systems, and complex governance and have the experience and creativity to still find good solutions that reach the targeted goals.

Our startup experience on the other hand has given us the possibility to craft and reality-check a development setup consisting of state-of-the-art technologies, modern tooling, in-house built components (like our own API gateway), and an IT architecture that combined with our working model - allows us to build high-quality solutions rapidly. 

Our experience with a big variety of different clients taught us to listen exactly and understand all the requirements before starting with the development. Does not matter if our client is a big corporate company, a department of the state, a mobility-sharing platform, or even coming from the sports segment, there are always humans behind it. And we love to talk, listen, and go on together as partners.

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Let’s work together

We are a skilled tech team focusing on building high scalable platforms. Leave us a short message and we will get back to you.