About Pixel Plus

At Pixel Plus, a proud member of TTMS, we are building digital platforms and services tailored to your unique requirements. Join forces with us, and let's transform your digital vision into reality, from concept to launch."

It all started with a platform for garages

Since those days in 2015, when everything started getting a little bit more serious for Pixel Plus, the two Co-Founders, Stefan Steuble and Muse Lazri have completed multiple projects. From building simple websites they have moved on employing 50 thinkers and makers in five countries. Pixel Plus has set up various digital platforms for start-ups as well as for well-known multinational companies.

Furthermore Pixel Plus Co-founders have made enough experience to accompany start-ups with their business knowledge. Being it in supporting them at the known TV-Show "Die Höhle der Löwen" and in finding investors.

In addition Pixel Plus supports web 3.0 teams and open source projects through funding, advocacy, research and collaborations.

We want to start a journey with our customers and become partners

We are quick

An advantage of standardized basic framework and our outsourced teams is the flexibility and speed to tackle projects.

We understand you

We listen and understand your needs. We speak your language and can translate to the technical requirements needed for our developers.

Team work

We are specialized to develop websites, web platforms and iOS / Android Apps based on open source technology. We also are Adobe Solutions Bronze partner supporting Adobe AEM projects.

We do go the extra-mile

As soon as we start a project customers become partners and as partners we meet at equal level. Meaning  we are available whenever we are needed and are willing to work until it's achieved.

Discover our team around the world

What started in 2015 with the two co-founders meanwhile proceeded to a team of over 50 experienced thinkers and makers based in five offices across Switzerland, Germany, Nigeria, Kosovo and India.

The amazing team behind our agency

Join the team

The amazing team behind our agency

Adonias Dantas

Senior Flutter Developer

Alberita Pnishi

Marketing Campaign Manager

Alexander Turcic

DevOps Architect

Alina Dibrani


Amit Ranjan

Developer & Partner India

Ardi Krasniqi


Christian Weder

Senior Developer

Claudia Wälti

Business Analyst

Daniel Okoro

Frontend & Mobile Developer

Daniela Altagracia Egli

Content Manager & UI/UX Product Designer

Divya Verma


Ema Zeqiri

Software Developer Intern

Endrit Bunjaku


Fatlum Prekadini

Developer & Partner Kosova

Himanshu Malik


Jon Nila

Lorik Kemeldi


Muse Lazri

Co-Founder & Partner

Nachiket Ghelani

Flutter Developer

Nikil Ojha

Developer & Partner India

Olivia Portmann

Head Communications

Paul Disteli

UX / Product Manager

Pavel Kostyuchenko

Developer & Partner

Petrit Gjakova

Flutter Developer

Pratik Rane

Full Stack Developer

Prince Bharal


Rafuna Rinesa

Software Developer Intern

Rinor Terstena


Sevdije Shala

Stefan Steuble

Co-Founder & partner

Urim Gashi

Senior Flutter Developer

Vito Tauriello

Lead Tech

Zurich, Switzerland

Pristina, Kosovo

Abuja, Nigeria

New Delhi, India