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We are Pixel Plus - a digital accelerator for developing digital platforms for outstanding customer experience based on Open Source technology, data and passion.

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An expert team for your front to back project

Thanks to over 10 years of successful collaboration, we realize ambitious projects fast and cost-effectively while being close to you to allow for interactive solution finding where necessary.


Striving for highly scalable solutions

Having mainly worked in highly secured environments and big scalable projects has thought us to think big while keeping the ability to start small. We like to think ahead to ensure stable, performant & maintainable solutions that grow with your ideas.


More than just development

We like to draw from our experience to help sharpen ideas and find feasible solutions paired with the right IT architecture. Our insights into startups and large corporates allows us to also consult you with tools & processes.


Entrepreneurial with passion

To deliver the best possible services we put the customer at the center of our thinking and challenge the status quo. We are passionate about new technologies and methods and we also know how to combine them with existing solutions.

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Solution finding

We're an innovative team that covers all aspects of software development back-to-front.This includes requirements engineering, UX design, IT architecture, cloud infrastructure, processes, tooling, backend development, frontend development, testing - everything you need to build fully functional platforms.

We like being involved early in the process, supporting you in finding the best possible solutions, helping in the definition of MVPs and prioritization. Our methodology and interactive way of working allows us to rapidly iterate on tangible variants and quickly create prototypes while working in tight collaboration with the stakeholders.

Platform development

Most businesses require a platform at their core that allows for secure storage of data, interaction with 3rd party systems, as well as consumer-friendly access to information via APIs while being secure, fast, reliable, scalable and traceable. Our longtime experience in building scalable and maintainable solutions back-to-front has shown us how to approach a variety of challenges in an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective way.

Coming from big corporations we also know how to deal with existing solutions, legacy systems, and complex governance and have the experience and creativity to still find good solutions that reach the targeted goals.

Our startup experience on the other hand has given us the possibility to craft and reality-check a development setup consisting of state-of-the-art technologies, modern tooling, in-house built components (like our own API gateway) and an IT architecture that combined with our working model - allows us to build high quality solutions rapidly.

Graphic Design - Agencies X Webflow Template
UI/UX Design - Agencies X Webflow Template

App/Web developement

Our creative team likes being part of the solution finding process, working on UI/UX concepts, elaborating the best possible solution, verifying the product and its usability with real clients. We cover everything from wireframes, clickable prototypes, working prototypes to big-scale applications with enterprise-level quality standards.

As we identify ourselves with the products we build, we strive for great-looking and fluid applications that customers will love.

Our tech stack allows us to reduce development and testing effort, quickly react to customer-wishes and apply small changes often without even having to release new app versions.

Technological stack

Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud • Laravel • Laravel Nova • Wordpress • PHP • MySQL • Flutter App Development • Java • Webflow • Shopify • TYPO3

React • Vue.js • Typescript • Material UI • Tailwind UI • Bootstrap • Typescript • SASS/SCSS • npm • Yarn • Webpack

Stripe • Payrexx • Paypal • Mailchimp • Segment • Google Tag Manager • Google Analytics • Google Maps • Amplitude • Customer.io • Hotjar • Eloqua • AEM Components

AWS • Azure • Google Cloud •
Bash • NGINX • Apache • Docker • Ansible • Github Action

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We are a skilled tech team focusing on building high scalable platforms. Leave us a short message and we will get back to you.