Aurea VR experience

Aurea VR experience
When art meets technology

The Aurea VR experience is more than just an art installation, it’s a way to connect people, educate them, and raise awareness. Immerse yourself in an experience that captivates the senses and educates, raises awareness, creates impact, and mobilizes to action.

Metaverse will transform the physical world and has the potential to extend the physical world using extended, augmented, and virtual reality technologies.

From reality to the metaverse

Through VR, we can also connect with others across the globe and collaborate on virtual exhibitions, breaking down boundaries and fostering a sense of community. VR provides endless opportunities for education and self-expression, allowing artists to push the limits of their creativity and visitors to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art.

Our VR art gallery is not only a space to view art, but a portal to new possibilities. We are excited to continue exploring the potential of VR technology and how it can enhance the way we experience and connect with art.

Aurea at Davos 2023

Aurea VR experience was met with overwhelming enthusiasm at Davos. As attendees stepped into our virtual gallery, they were transported to a new world of art and culture. The cutting-edge technology allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the exhibits, making for a truly unforgettable experience. Among the attendees was the renowned filmmaker Oliver Stone, who was deeply impressed by the experience and took the time to express his admiration to the team. With rave reviews pouring in from all who participated, it’s clear that our Aurea VR experience is revolutionizing the way we experience art and culture. Thank you to all who came and made this such a successful and inspiring experience.